A question I sometimes ask

Sometimes I wonder why we risk getting our feelings hurt by being in a relationship.

Relationships are messy. Feelings get hurt. Insecurities, stress, fights, jealousy, break-ups

Just, why?  Is it really worth it?

There are moments where I want to play it safe. Keep my heart at a distance; numb myself so I wouldn’t have to feel anything. I don’t want to feel anything, or deal with anything I don’t want.

Get away from me, all you do is hurt. Love is troublesome.



Hello everyone! Back at it again with the make-up blog post! Today I have something exciting to show you guys and they are new products from ULTIMA II! Let me show you the goodies!


So we have seven new products here and no worries I am here to explain.

  • 4 WONDERWEAR Cream Eye-posh
  • 1 WONDERWEAR Eye-posh brow filler in light brown
  • 1 WONDERWEAR Eye-posh Liquid Liner
  • 1 WONDERWEAR Eye-posh color quad in 06 Ecstatic

First thing that I will review are the Wonderwear Cream Eye-posh. Here I have 4 colors.

  1. Blissful (Gold)
  2. Outstanding (Turquoise)
  3. Loving (blue)
  4. Dazzling (dark brown/purple)


So basically these are cream eyeshadows in the forms of a liner/crayon. The texture on these when you swatch on your hands are creamy and they are pigmented! My favorite shades would be Outstanding and Loving. I have always had a weakness for blue tones. Here I want to show you how much products you get as well:


I think that is a lot of product for a liner. Let’s see a close up of these products and their swatches on the hand:



As you can see they are very pigmented. But the thing is, when I was trying them on my eyelids instead of my hands, they were pretty hard for the eyelids. I had to press a bit harder for the pigment to show where as the eyelid is a very sensitive place. But if you put them on the inner corners where it is more firm than the eyelids, it glides on well. Just the eyelids are a bit hard to apply it.

Next product is the WONDERWEAR Eye posh liquid liner. I am very pleased with this liquid liner because of its consistency and how black it is and how it finishes matte! This is the dream eyeliner here. Plus, it does not smudge easily. Yes I have tried to smudge it. It took quite an effort to smudge it and even then it smudges only a tiny bit. The applicator helps get precise lines and shape too.


Next product is the WONDERWEAR Brow Filler. Now, this fella is really thin and tiny. Because of this you get to create small brush strokes that mimic real eyebrow hairs. And the pigmentation is just the right amount. You know those eyebrow pencils that are just too creamy and pigmented that one stroke of it can make your eyebrows look like the eyebrows of a caveman? Or a line made from a sharpie marker? This one, my friends, does not do that at all. I love this, it is easy to blend as well!


Last but not least, the WONDERWEAR Eye-Posh Colour Quad in Ecstatic! Before reviewing, I wanna let you know how many quads there are. There are 7 other quads besides this one! And did you know ULTIMA II has a youtube channel? They have videos on different make-up looks for each quads. Go ahead and check them out! I’m telling you all this because besides me reviewing the products, I will also be joining a recreate challenge on one of the looks and of course I am re creating the Ecstatic look!


Click here to watch the original Ecstatic Look!

Now to the review! The colors are lovely, no doubt. They are a bit hard to work with though because lack of pigmentation but some tricks I have for you to fix this is that you can apply a eyeshadow primer, use the sponge applicator they give in the product or use your fingers and the colors will come out J . If you like the soft and pastel kind of make-up look and you’re afraid of bold colors this may be the palette for you!


Okay and finally! My re creation of the Ecstatic look! With my own twist:



What do you guys think? 🙂 a romantic soft twist that you can use any time of the day or even for a date!

So I guess that’s it for todays post I really do hope you guys enjoyed the post and I’ll see you all on my next one!



Cleansed by Nivea Event x Female Daily

Hello everyone! another post after ages! Recently I joined a event held by Nivea and Female Daily! and yes, it was most definitely a fun one! Lemme tell you all about it in this post!

Sadly, I arrived late because traffic during Ramadan is the WORST in Jakarta. you think it sucks everyday but noooo, during Ramadan is the worst.

The event was held in Pondok Indah Mall 2 and there were two places to be inside the mall. The first place was at Watson, thats where the attendees of the event were made into teams (consisting of 5 people in one team) and each team was given a 500K voucher to shop whatever they need to create 5 different make-up looks.

I was not able to join this part because I was battling traffic but thankfully I came just in time to settle down and start the competition at the 2nd place which is at Amypond Bistro at the Street Gallery.

My lovely Team! ❤




When I arrived at Amypond Bistro each team took pictures at the photobox and when we finished we each went to our tables. Here I was able to check out what my awesome team got at Watson. I got the theme colorful for my make-up.

IMG_0290 (1)

you’d think 500K would get you a lot but.. no not really lol

So there were 5 makeup looks: Natural, Dark, Colorful, Glam, and Dewy

Before starting we had to remove all of our make-up with Nivea’s make-up remover. It worked like a charm!

After removing our make-up we had around 40 minutes to finish our make-up looks! Here is a peak of my colorful make-up. It’s a messy attempt for a cut crease :”)



After we did our make-up, it was just in time to break our fast! The dinner was lovely and before presenting our make-up we were given the chance to touch up.

The winner was Janine’s team! yesss my bff janine was also there! the winning team was given 5 juta Voucher to spend at watson xD 😀

After the event we took lovely photos of everyone together and we were given lovely goodiebags by Nivea! they are sooo generous!

File_000 (5)

Thank you sooo much Nivea for inviting me to this fun and lovely event! and of course muchos gracias as well to Female Daily Network! ❤

Stay tune for my next post loves!

lots of Meggy love to you all!

Be Who You Want To Be With Lactacyd Herbal

When I was little my dad would always push me to dream big and to really go for it. “You have to be an independent woman kakak, jangan tegantung dengan siapa-siapa.” Those words echoed in my head and it gives me the drive to reach my dreams until now.

Sometimes we would be so focused on our goals sampai terkadang kita lupa untuk memerhatikan diri sendiri. Salah satunya memerhatikan kebersihan tubuh kita. Honestly, aku kalau lagi ngedit video, atau filming, I am so focused I lose sight of everything else. Bisa sampai lupa makan, kasih makan kucing, ngepel, nyapu dan mandi. Yes, I know. nasty bruh. Which is why I’m happy that Female Daily invited me to their recent event which focuses on the launching of Lactacyd Herbal.

Lactacyd is an international brand untuk pembersih kewanitaan yang terpercaya and now they have a new formula which is the Lactacyd Herbal. They are dermatologically tested and you can use it daily.


As a woman we gotta take care of *cough* you know, down there. yes, our vajayjay, or honey pot, vag, snatch, whatever you want to call your lady bits. I gave mine a nickname and her name is Viola. Its just a must because paling ngga enak tuh kalau kita lagi beraktifitas and we’re not in perfect condition. We are strong, career driven, independent women, but when shit is going down under there, it’s definitely gonna be a struggle. like, Houston, I think we got a problem.

Nah, this is where Lactacyd Herbal comes to the rescue. After trying it out for a couple of days, I can say that things have been going really smooth down there. I feel fresh, clean, and ready to take on the world. I believe that you have to feel your best to be the best and Lactacyd Herbal does exactly that for me. The awesome thing about the Lactacyd Herbal is that it contains natural ingredients such as ekstrak sirih, ekstrak mawar, dan ekstrak susu yang membersihkan, melembut dan merawat area V kita. I mean, who doesn’t want a clean but also beautiful lookin’ vagina?! Shut up and take my money Lactacyd! you got me HOOKED! Not to mention it has a really pleasant scent. yas.


How in details are the ingredients good for le vajayjay you ask? say no more, I got your back.

Ekstrak sirih:

  • Mengatasi bau tak sedap pada organ intim
  • Mengobati keputihan
  • Mengatasi gatal pada organ intim

Ekstrak Mawar:

  • Mengatasi keputihan
  • Memberi keharuman
  • Dapat membersihkan area V
  • (I heard rose water can help tighten your vagina.)

Ekstrak Susu:

  • Melembutkan kulit sekitar area V
  • Menjaga agar area V tetap sehat
Trying to be a proper young lady
Having a healthy and lovely vagina makes me happy

Thank you Female Daily and Lactacyd Herbal for having me in the event. I’m sure that this will help many women be healthy, happy, and ready to conquer the world.

But wait! don’t go yet, check out the> short cinematic video <I made, showcasing Lactacyd Herbal

Lactacyd Preview
Thumbnail Preview

#HaloLactacydHerbal #JadiYangKuMau

Thank you for reading and hope you had fun with me in todays post! see you in my next one! ❤

peace out

Treat Your Sensitive Skin Talkshow with Female Daily and The Body Shop

Hello everyone! today I want to share my experience with you about an event that I went to recently that was held by Female Daily and one of my favorite stores, The Body Shop.

I use to be careless about my own skin. Even when I started wearing make-up I didn’t really payed attention much and I did not know that our real ‘foundation’ was our skin. When you take care of your skin, you will most likely look great even without make-up. whether it is your facial skin or body skin.

We all have different skin types, and just as the title says, the event focuses on how to take care of sensitive skin and also an introduction to The Body Shop’s new skincare line!.  I learned new things about what to do and what not to do for sensitive skin and I am very grateful to be able to join this talkshow!

The event was held at Central Park Mall in the restaurant 6 Degrees. I loved how rustic the design of the event is, of course it’s The Body Shop. There will always be an element of nature. Another thing that I love about them.



Love the decorations! and you must be wondering what is inside that bottle! it is Almond Milk! and it is honey that is in the jar beside it. So can you guys guess what ingredients are in The Body Shop’s new skincare line? 🙂 yup, Almond Milk and Honey! yum!.

We were able to try out the almond milk. Well, it was alright for me. wasn’t my favorite but still drinkable lol.



Had this for lunch. After we ate the talkshow finally started



The talkshow started off by telling us what exactly is sensitive skin. sensitive skin is skin that easily gets irriated by products and factors that is usually harmless towards normal skin. They showed us the difference of how normal skin and sensitive skin looks like


We were also informed on how to handle sensitive skin.

  • Drink water, 8 glasses a day to keep hydrated inside and out of your body
  • Fix your showering habits
  • Protect skin from UV rays by using sunscreen
  • Use moisturizer on a daily basis

Benefits of Almond Milk and Honey for sensistive skin:

Almond Milk:

  • a Rich source of Vitamin E, which is an Anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidants protects your skin from free radicals that can damage your skin. This also help prevent damage from sun exposure.
  • Has anti-aging qualities.
  • Natural oil regulator


  • anti-bacterial
  • Full of anti-oxidants same as Almond Milk, also has anti-aging benefits
  • extremely moisturizing, gives you that Glowy complexion
  • anti-inflammatory



So now I definitely know that these ingredients are a perfect match to help sensitive skin ❤

A mini review of the products:

I loved how mild and calming the scent is! My favorite product out of all the skincare would be the body lotion! it easily seeps into your skin and is lightweight. My skin definitely felt moisturized and I could see some glow afterwards.

After the talkshow we had a mini crafting workshop. Using recycled packaging from The Body Shop. They gave us crafting tools and it was a fun workshop. Mine definitely not the best but its something lol



My hands look so vainy. weird

I may have not won the best crafting design contest, BUT I did won best Instagram post! yays! so there was a flatlay instagram post, testimonial contest (we had to write a testimonial on paper about The Body Shop’s Almond Milk and Honey Skincare line after trying them out during the event) and this crafting design contest.

So that’s it for todays post! I hope that you enjoyed reading it, and thank you to Female Daily and The Body Shop for inviting me to this fun event!

For more information about the products, please visit:


lots of meggy love to you all! ❤

ESQA Cosmetics

Hellooooow! Today I have some lippie goodies I want to review for you guys! yes, it is from ESQA Cosmetics! ESQA Cosmetics is launching their Satin Lip Colors and Matte Lip Liquid. Before moving on as always let me put info on where you can contact them and learn more about them 🙂 Btw Esqa Cosmetics is now available exclusively in www.sephora.co.id and get your free shipping when you spend above Rp 200.000!

Okay let’s start with the packaging and what colors did I actually get :

Lip Satin Colors:

-Twisted Nude
-Darling Pink

Matte Lip Liquid:
-Forbidden Red
-Dusty Pink

Here is what the box packaging looks like for all the lippies:

Here are the swatches from left to right is Twisted Nude, Darling Pink, Forbidden Red, and Dusty Pink


From Left to Right: Darling Pink, Twisted Nude, Dusty Pink, Forbidden Red
(Real women has peach fuzz. deal wit it lol)

Now onward to the review!

Let’s start with the Matte Lip Liquid shall we. No we gonna do this TO DA POINT style 😉

Texture: Creamy
Color pay off: really pigmented, one swipe is all you need
Scent: It has a sweet cream kind of smell but it still has a slight chemical smell in it too
Does it transfer? : when it dries it slightly transfers
Hows the longevity? : It will fade if you eat anything
Is it sticky? : Yes it is quite sticky
Drying?: yes, it can be drying but if you wear lip balm on your lips beforehand it is bearable but can feel super drying if your lips are naturally dry
lip lines accentuated?: Yes but not too-too much
Packaging design? : YAS (this means good lol)

Moving on to the Satin Lip Crayons

Texture: Soft, slightly greasy
Color pay off: pigmented, but sheer and can be streaky. you need to build it up. 3 coats oke
Scent: Smells like crayons
Does it transfer? : yes
Hows the longevity? : Fades quite easily because of the greasy factor
Is it sticky? : a teeny tiny bit
Drying?: Nope! comfortable on the lips
lip lines accentuated?: Nope!
Packaging design? : YAS
Notes: I love how the product is retractable. design is beautiful and comfortable on the lips

Overall I really liked the Matte Lip Liquid. I love both of the colors but I love them even more when they are combined! They create this rustic red because of the dusty pink underneath the forbidden red. I would be really interested in finding out the rest of the colors for these lippies. I hope you guys enjoyed my review and that it was helpful!


ULTIMA II Delicate Blush and Lipstick

Yelloooow everyone! So glad to be back up in here and to finally beauty chat with you all again! ❤ Today I have exciting products to talk about just for your dose of beauty needs. I am going to be reviewing the Delicate Matte and Shine blushes and also the Delicate Lipsticks from ULTIMA II 😀 Please keep reading until the end of this post to see all the information of where you can get your hands on these products. I will also be informing the prices of each product reviewed today ^_^

Now before I go with the review, let’s check the claims and the product knowledge on these products:

ULTIMA II Delicate Blush
Ultra soft, silky powder blush adds a natural flush of color to your cheeks.
Price: 140.000 IDR

-Provides a natural flush of color with a soft satin finish

– Enhances cheekbones instantly

– Easy to blend

– Buildable color

– Has a lightweight silky feel

– Looks freshly applied the whole day

– Clean color impact, with rich pigments and strong color payoff

– Minimal dusting

ULTIMA II Delicate Lipstick
delivers a luxuriously rich and vibrant color while pampering and hydrating lips.
Price: 90.000 IDR

Silk enriched mega moisturizers

– Contains Vitamins C & E

– High Shine Polymers

– Instant color lay down buildable from medium to full

– Soft, creamy, smooth upon application

– 15 bright, stylish shades

– Lips look perfectly defined with the richest color and silky smooth feel that will result in more luxurious and even application than ever

– Lips appear moisturized

First up, the blushes.

There are two kinds of blushes. One is the Delicate MATTE Blush and the other is the Delicate SHINE blush. Obviously the difference between them is that one is matte and the other has shimmer. I got 4 shades in total, 2 matte shades and 2 shimmer/shine shades. The actual blush line has 7 shimmery blushes, and 5 matte blushes.

Matte shades:
Hot Pink

Shimmery shades:
Baked Coral
Sahara Rose


DSC02341_1The product is shielded with a transparent plastic with the ULTIMA II logo that you can remove

DSC02342_1If you open the packaging, there is another compartment and when you open it you can see that they also give you a blush brush which is really nice, though I rarely use applicators that are given in a make-up product.

After feeling the bristles, I felt like it was a bit too harsh for the skin but it still works well for application. Blending with this brush may be also a bit difficult because of how packed in density it is.


From left to right: Hot Pink, Nude, Sahara Rose, Baked Coral

Hot Pink


Sahara Rose: Rosy blush with a light gold shimmer

Baked Coral: Coral-y/orange-ish blush with slight light gold shimmer


blush products

-Semi creamy, but the shine blushes are creamier than the matte ones.

-SUPER pigmented. These blushes are the kinds where you only need a little to go a long way which is great. Seriously, their pigmentation is NO JOKE xD be careful you might easily use too much. They are also really buildable ❤

-Lasts all day long 😀


All in all I love the blushes, you get a lot in one pan and you also get a nice and wonderful mirror plus a blush brush. For the packaging, I like the look of a mirror type packaging but because of that it can get dirtier easily and you can see all your fingerprints. When you swatch with your fingers, there are no fall outs whatsoever, but when you use a blush, there are some but only so slightly which I love. I love Sahara Rose the most out of all of them because it gives you such a “glowing from within” look and you know I gotta get my glow on 😉 These blushes are also easy to blend if you make sure that you use it layer by layer and after trying all of them out, I conclude that they have proven all of their claims. So does the blushes get Meggy’s stamp of approval? DEFINITELY.

By the way, do you guys know what time it is?

Yup it’s lipstick time (please excuse my lame jokes)





From Left to right: Apricot, Ruby, Fuchsia, Plum
All lipstick shades

TEXTURE: Ultra soft feeling on the lips when you apply it. Creamy and very hydrating and has a shiny finish.

PIGMENTATION: Rich in color, pigmentation was fine but it is not super pigmented right off the bat of the first application. It is a buildable color pigmentation type, but even though it is, it took a lot of swipes to get to a bold, solid pigment. It can be a bit hard to get strong pigmentation if you have dark areas around your lips because even with a lot of swipes, I could still see a slight sight of the darker areas of my lips which is around the outer part of my lips through the pigment.

LONGEVITY: Not long at all. I think because of how much moisture is in these lipsticks, it is super transferable. As soon as I drank water, or ate something, POOF! It’s gone with the wind. You won’t be able to make-out with your partner with this lipstick on unless you like dem messy. I love how hydrating and comfortable it is on my lips but I always have the worry of having it transfer to my clothes or anything around it because I just know it’s going to smudge with just the slightest touch.

I look for great longevity and high pigmentation in a lipstick and this lipstick didn’t really reach my expectations. I do appreciate how comfortable it is on the lips and how it glides so well during application but for me personally I like my lipsticks to be long lasting, budge proof, but still comfortable at the same time. Doesn’t have to be super comfortable, it’s okay to be drying but not so drying that I feel like my lips are the Sahara desert.

Here I had so much fun mixing and matching the blushes and lipsticks in my make-up look 😀 and I do love the outcome of it!
Hot pink Delicate Matte Blush with Fuchsia Delicate Lipstick. I created more of an ombre lip look for this one. ❤
LOVE this one! Baked Coral blush with Apricot lipstick! ❤
Sahara rose blush with Plum lipstick ❤
Nude blush with Ruby lipstick ❤

All the blushes made my make-up have that subtle radiant look which I love and the lipsticks go so well with the blushes. I do recommend pairing Baked coral blush with apricot lipstick for a fresh and cheerful look! Perfect for the summer!
Tell me, which look is your favorite? ^_^

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ultima_id/
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Kota Kasablanka, Sarinah Thamrin, Debenhams Senayan City, Star Summarecon Bekasi.

Alrighty guys! This is all for todays post! I hope that this helps you in choosing which color and product you wanna buy 😀 I personally enjoy the blushes very much and I thank ULTIMA II for giving the chance to try out these products ❤ I cannot wait to try out more of ULTIMA II products in the near future! ❤
See you in my next post guys!

Much meggy love to you! ❤

ICE by Exoticon


Ever heard of that oldies song by Vanilla Ice? No? okay, nevermind. I thought it would be appropriate for todays post. Just continue reading then lol.

So who is ready for more x2 contact lenses? I know I am! Today I have another contact lens line from Exoticon and I am happy to be back from Japan and finally here with you all again. It is the ICE line which is separated in two types, the ICE silver and ICE gold. Maybe you have predicted that the colors of the lenses will rotate around the color silver and gold, well, you are absolutely correct. For the ICE silver, we have Silver Grey 01, Silver Light Grey 03, and Silver Cloudy Grey 02. The ICE gold consists of only 2 types; Gold Hazel 01 and Gold Honey Brown 02.

The packaging was really nice and sleek, the box felt like a doff finish and the flowers were embossed. I really like the design of the logo and the box design itself. It is very elegant and nice.








I was sent one variant of both ICE silver and ICE gold. I got the ICE Silver Light Grey and the ICE Gold Hazel 01. After checking them out, I concluded that I seriously LOVED the ICE Silver Light Grey because of how stunning and eye catching it is.It doesn’t have an outer ring and kinda fades out too and blends into the eyes which makes it so natural looking.


I’m not too fond with the Gold Hazel one though because of the pattern, and I am also not used to wearing gold-ish type of contact lenses. It doesn’t have an outer ring though which is nice and if you like lenses that enlarges your eyes, maybe this is for you :). As for comfortness, I would say both of them have high amount of comfort. When I wear them for the whole day, my eyes did not get dry easily unlike other lenses that I have tried from different brands.

Tell me, which one would you go for? ^_^ I would like to thank Exoticon for sending me these lenses and I am happy to add them to my contact lens collections ❤

I’ll talk to you again soon guys!

Lots of meggy love to you! ❤

NUDES Palette by Studiomakeup

As promised from my last post, I’m going to review the NUDES palette from Studiomakeup 😀

After trying them out, swatching them, and feeling them (I know sounds weird lol) I’m able to give you guys a full and complete review. We’re going to do this meggy thunder style (fast and to the point)

Le packaging




Texture of eyeshadows:
-semi creamy
-really pigmented! (even the lighter shades!)
-great longevity
-Can be powdery when you use a brush


Had to go outside for good lighting ^^” this is WITH their eye shadow primer  
WITHOUT their eye shadow primer

I do not have a picture of it, but I had these swatches with the eye shadow primer on my hand for the whole day. it lasted until the next morning and I had to rub it off with water and with makeup remover to completely clean my arm so longevity of the shadows lasts really long. at least for swatches.


Texture and Scent of the primer:
-Smells like playdough but nothing too much. just a slight scent
-Creamy and somewhat easy to blend
-really makes your eye shadows even more pigmented!


Yeah I don’t really use this :/ 


-pigmented shadows!
-great lip and eye primer!
-great colors!
-creamy texture!
-easy to blend yo! 

-not a travel friendly product because of it’s bulky packaging

So that’s it for the review, I hope that you find this helpful, and help you decide if you want to purchase this or not. for me personally I LURVE it. such a great product to add to my eye shadow collection. Thank you Studiomakeup once again! ❤


Studiomakeup Easter Sister Competition <3

Studiomakeup recently had a competition a couple weeks ago and it was one of the most fun make-up competitions I have tried so far 😀


After seeing this on their Instagram I immediately contacted no other than my BFF for life Janine to join!

Exactly my face when I saw the flyer lol

And their NUDES palette seems so interesting and promising. It does look like Urban Decay’s Naked palette and I mean who doesn’t love natural nude eye shadows? 😀

At first the last submission was on April 27th but they decided to extend the deadline to March 31st. Janine and I met up in Grand Indonesia where the competition was held at the coffee bean first because I arrived first and I wanted to grab a snack. Next time I’ll try to find a cheaper alternative lol. After Janine finally arrived and met up with me in coffee bean, we head out to Studiomakeup’s store.

We were given a chance to use all the tester products that they had which was one of the most fun parts of this competition because we are both makeup junkies and trying out new products was bomb ❤

Some of the base make-up that I used

We had to take a before and after picture of the both of us and also a picture of us doing make-up together.

We were trying so hard not to laugh and tried to look MODELESQUE and GOGIRL like. Had to stare at Janines forehead to stop laughing haha


We actually forgot to take our picture together while we were there so we went back to the place lol. We only remembered to take the before and after picture ^^”


Then after waiting for the deadline to pass and a week later, *drumroll pleaseeeee*


*SQUEEL* ❤ ❤ ❤ NUDES palette come to mama! xD xD

We won! each of us will receive our very own NUDES palette, thank you Studiomakeup for choosing us as the winners!

OOOHHH YEAH you go Freddie Mercury

We both had a blast doing this competition especially since we’re doing this together and having fun with your best friend is one of the greatest things in life ❤

I will definitely be writing a review on the palette itself, super excited as well so please do stay tune! thanks for visiting guys! Much meggy love to you! ❤